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Vintage Variety
Collectibles, toys, antiques, and more!

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Vintage Variety is a retail and second-hand store carrying a variety of items, such as:

Books: Drama (oprah book club and other popular authors), coffee-table style books with beautiful photographs with a variety of subjects - animals, airplanes, sports, you name it. Up to date cookbooks with some delicious recipes, gardening books, books on history, and much more!

LP's: Hundreds of rock, country, classical, childrens, and soundtracks. Some 45's too! Feel free to pick a record to listen to while you browse. Most LP's are $2 each with a small selection of higher priced ones. Play it before you buy it using one of our players. We sell record players too.

Audiobooks: Books on CD are priced at a fraction of the retail price. Like thrillers?

Laserdiscs:  We have laserdiscs! Large selection of 80's movies. $5 each.

Nintendo: We have a good selection of NES, SNES, N64 and Game Boy games. We usually have a selection of NES, SNES, and Game Boy game systems in stock as well. All games and systems are tested before we sell them. Our inventory is always changing!

CD's: We have a selection of CD's priced at $3 each. Rock, country, soundtracks, compilations.

DVD Movies: We have a small selection of DVD movies, priced at $1 to $7 each.

Jewelry: We have costume jewelry priced at $2 each, and we also have a good selection of sterling silver jewelry at great prices. We have necklaces, charms, rings, bracelets, pins, and earrings.

Reproduction metal signs made in the USA: We have dozens of signs for sale, with selections ranging from classic products (Coca Cola, Pepsi, Jack Daniels, Winchester), icons (Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, Elvis, Lucy), movies (Monty Python, Wizard of Oz), motorcycles (Harley Davidson, Indian), superheros (Superman, Batman, Speed Racer), classic cars, humor, and many more! We can also special order a sign we don't have in stock!

Hot Wheels: Dig through our 3/$1.00 bin for your kids, or check out our case with cars priced at $1 and up.

Shot Glasses: We have a good selection of shot glasses, the majority priced at $2 each. These make great gifts.

Die-Cast cars: We usually have several 1:18 scale diecast cars in stock, different characters and themes.

Hallmark Christmas ornaments: We always have dozens of Hallmark Christmas Ornaments to choose from at great prices, many ornaments are $4 each.

Paper items: We have a selection of vintage postcards, sheet music, comic books, old magazines, and old newspapers available.

Lamps: We always have a good selection of lamps, especially children's character lamps.

Character items: We carry character items such as Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty, Bratz, Star Wars, Simpsons, and dozens more.

Mugs: We have a great selection of character and advertising mugs!  Starbucks, Disney, Warner Bros., and more.

Furniture: Stock always changes, we often carry dressers, night stands, plant stands, and other useful items.

Seasonal items: Many decorations and show pieces available during the Halloween and Christmas seasons.

Antiques: We always have a selection of antique items available.

Breyer Horses: We always carry a selection of Breyer Horses!

Snow globes, music boxes, and paperweights: These make great gifts!

Coin Banks: We always have some character banks here.

MUCH MORE! We always have something new and different, so come by and check us out!

Vintage Variety is sustainable eco-friendly! In addition to carrying second-hand items, we are powered by PGE Renewable energy!